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the Place is a message board for people who love graphics, HTML and web design.

You can join in a project, show off your latest creation, ask questions about graphics and Web Design and get to know others with similar interests.

We only have a few rules which you can see by reading the Rules at the bottom of this page.

Please Read if you are thinking of becoming a member!

Authorization is REQUIRED for all those who wish to join. If you are an advertiser, spammer or intend to distribute adult content, you will NOT be authorized to join thePlace.

Note: Because of all of the spammers trying to sign up for thePlace we have closed the automatic registration. If you are truly interested in Paint Shop Pro and want to join in our projects you will now need to email me, tell me why you want to join and we'll get back to you.

If you have any questions regarding registration requirements, please contact me at the e-mail address below.
You will need to copy/paste this email address but take the nospam_ part out.

Just click on the link below the Rules and you will be taken directly to the Place where you can register to become a Member.


thePlace Artist of the Month

We have a monthly contest at thePlace to choose an Artist of the Month. Our winner for the month of September 2011 is "Eagle". Her graphic and award are shown below. Click on the link after reading the Rules to join thePlace and have an opportunity to win the award for Artist of the Month.

Winner for September 2011 was


Eagle's Award


Rules for thePlace:

the Place does not charge for membership. When you become a member you will not be required to sign in each time as long as you do not clear your cache or Log Out when you leave the message board.

the Place is a sharing community. New members are required to introduce yourself within 10 days after becoming a member and remain active by posting at least one message a month in a Challenge, Project, or even Chat.

the Place is intended for enjoyment of those interested in Graphics or Web Design. You may post anything you would like except we request that you NOT post anything that would be considered political, flaming, spam, defamatory, pornographic, racist or vulgar. Doing so will have your message removed from the message board and may require that you be removed and banned from membership.

By clicking the link below and register to become a member you agree to these terms.

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